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The essay has a good flow as can be seen in the way the different paragraphs connect harmoniously. Ideas are not scattered all over but they are rather arranged chronologically and systematically which makes the essay to be not only easy to read but also easy to comprehend. The write my paper introduces the main idea in the first paragraph and keeps it as the main pivot throughout the entire essay. One particular point that really grasped my attention is the point where the author talks about the side effects of urban sprawl on the city dwellers. I thought it to be interesting since I would have expected that the urban sprawl concept would affect the suburb dwellers more than the city dwellers a notion that is negated by the essay.

The essay however lost its effect at the point where the author began talking about the history of the urban sprawl. He not only chose the wrong place to talk about the history of urban sprawl (he should have talked about it at the (beginning), but he also should have spend less time giving the Nitty Gritty of the history and concentrate more on the effects of urban sprawl. However, the thesis of the essay is strong and on a scale of five, the thesis would score at least four. The thesis is captivating and the reader is eager to find out how the problem of urban sprawl is highlighted in the document.

This essay uses effective transitions of the paragraphs using two techniques. Firstly the relevant connectors are used and the ideas are laid out in a sequential manner. The essay does not build upon any logical fallacies choosing rather to base on factual realities some based on empirical findings. The writer would however make the essay more robust by living out the part of the history of urban sprawl and concentrating more on the effects of the urban sprawl phenomena.

In order to make the essay even more effective, the writer should have included some real examples of events, peoples or lifestyles that have adversely been affected by the urban sprawl phenomena. One of the strength of the essay which is no doubt the greatest lesson I have learnt from the essay is the sequential connection of ideas in paragraphs which made the essay very interesting and captivating to read.

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